Hands on flotation and treatment centre – review

My Tuesday morning consisted of treating myself to my first flotation session at the Hands on flotation and treatment centre. I feel like I’ve found a little hideaway that i don’t want anyone to know about (but it’s too good to not tell) there is only a small amount of flotation centres in the Uk, the centre is tucked away in a little village called Braunton.









So if you don’t know what a flotation tank is it’s a soundproof tank of Epsom salt water in which you float as a form of deep relaxation. The benefits of flotation tanks are incredible, it improves sleep, diminishes depression anxiety and fears, increases production of endorphins, relieves pain for many conditions/injuries, it’s made my skin feel SUPER soft and many more the list literally is endless!

I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to shut myself of and relax for an hour I’m always thinking about 10 things at once. I was so amazed at how relaxed I was, I completely shut off. After leaving the flotation room I instantly felt like a completely different person I was super relaxed and relived of all tension. I booked my second one for a few weeks time right away, Phil and his wife Ellie at the Hands on centre were so welcoming and made you feel relaxed I cannot recommend the centre enough.



“The quieter you become the more you can hear”

Head over to http://www.handsonclinic.co.uk/


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