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This is my follow up post from Facial aesthetics evening “my new lips”

On Wednesday 6th April I had my appointment with Jenny Gifford at the Queen Annes Dental Practice in Devon for my facial aesthetics treatment. If you read my previous post you will already no I had a £300 gift voucher to use on any facial aesthetics from a evening I went to a couple of weeks ago! I chose to have lip filler; I have put more in detail about the lip filler (Emervel) and what’s in the product on my previous post.

So if you’ve never had any facial aesthetics done before and want to no how my appointment went.. I turned up and go down to see Jenny they have a private clinic evening every Wednesday between 5-6pm, anyone that knows me knows how I’m really bad with needles to the point I actually can’t believe I’m letting someone put a needle near my face let ALONE my lips.

I must be mad, but Jenny specializes in nervous and anxious patients with being a dentist so I felt I was in the best hands. She began by re going over our previous consultation we had a couple of weeks ago just to make sure we both understand everything and the decisions we made. She then applies the numbing cream for around 20 minutes (I thought it wouldn’t work, it REALLY does I was a little worried how much it did work!) Jenny then removes the numbing cream leaving me literally with no feeling in my lips she make’s sure the area is clean and then begins to apply the dermal filler to lips.

She began with my top lip, we check several times though out the appointment with the mirror to make sure it’s looking exactly how we want. Jenny then finished of by putting a small amount into my bottom lip to make sure they were both even. The appointment is roughly 45 minutes to a hour, 5 minutes chat at the start; 20 minutes ish of numbing cream, 20 minutes of the filler, the last check to make sure everything is perfect in the way my lips are looking and then Jenny gives you the correct after care and what not to do after the appointment. I would have felt comfortable to go back to work after my appointment i had very minimal if any swelling. I was told that immediately after treatment some common temporary injection-related reactions could occur. These reactions are temporary and typically resolve within 7-14 days, I had no reactions what so ever.
This procedure IS reversible.

I have made a check up appointment with Jenny for 2-3 weeks later to check everything is ok and that I am happy with my result. If I feel I wanted to tweak my results Jenny will top up on the filler on my check up appointment, this is included in the original price given there is no extra or hidden costs!

My before and after pictures –


Above – “Before” was a couple of days before my appointment and the after was about half an hour after my appointment, I almost had full feeling back into my lips following the numbing cream and loving my “new lips”



Above – This is the morning after, I’m SUPER happy with the results!

I cannot recommend Jenny Gifford at the Queen Annes Dental Practice enough; I have full confidence in her and her decisions of what looks best for the client. She is extremely professional and made me feel completely at ease during my appointment.

If you any any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Picture credits – Gabrielle Antonia, Jenny Gifford (Queen Anne Dental Practice)

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