L’Oreal Paris Micellar water review

I’ve been looking for a new cleanser to add to my facial regime I’ve been wanting to try the Micellar water for sometime now after hearing people rave about it and of course doing some research first..

What is Micellar water?
Micellar water uses tiny Micelle particles to draw out make-up, including waterproof mascara, sebum and impurities from the skin. It’s well known that models swear by it and every make-up artist has one in his or her kit and with their no rinse, three in one formulas they’re perfect for late night and travelling. Another plus side is Micellar waters are free of soap and alcohol they are a more gentle alternative to harsh face wipes, meaning you can use it all over your face with no worries. It’s perfect for when you’re in a rush or on the go. It has been around for over a hundred years, first gaining motion in France, where it was made to help Parisians deal with the region’s infamously harsh water supply. I instantly thought PERFECT I’m of to Greece and this would be AMAZING for then and the best time to start using it!

I picked the L’Oreal Paris skin perfection Micellar water up in my local super market (ASDA store, find offer here) on offer for £2.50 its usually £4.99 (I was so happy about finding this discount) I felt with such a price drop I defiantly had to try it, not every where sells L’Oreal most Boots; Super drug or major drugstores will stock some or all of the L’Oreal range they offer a skin and hair range. The L’Oreal skin perfection Micellar water is hypoallergenic which is suitable for sensitive skin including no alcohol and perfumes.


How I use it?
I have added Micellar water in my facial regime at night, I use Simple facial wipes to remove what I can of my makeup then I add a small amount of the L’Oreal Micellar water onto a cotton pad and wipe the remainder of my makeup of (I use this is my cleanser) a small amount goes a long way this is a product you definitely don’t have to over use, there is also no need to rub this product! You could certainly use this as makeup remover on it’s own but you would need a thin layer of makeup for this, I would say if you have more than a thin layer on you would need to use a facial wipe etc before to remove most of it. I have some times been adding a toner on top but you are able to get away without adding a toner with this. I do also use this to cleanse my face in the mornings, its a all rounder!

How does it leave my skin?
The L’Oreal Micellar water does not have much smell to it, which I always think is a good thing meaning it’s likely to not have any perfumes added! It isn’t too oily, and you really do only need a small amount to be able to cleanse your face and neck. I was amazed how it left my skin after the first cleanse with it being a NO RINSE cleanser I was definitely intrigued to give it a go.. It swiftly removed every last bit of makeup and dirt from my face/eyes and neck, leaving me with super soft skin and my face feeling so refreshed and clean!

I would say for me this is a serious game changer for all the make-up removers and cleansers out there, it doesn’t smear your make up around, it doesn’t sting and is suitable to use around the sensitive eye area, it is suitable for ALL skin types; dry, sensitive and acne prone. Rather containing a soapy solution that can strip your skin and leave behind harsh chemicals the micelles cling on to the dirt and make-up on your skin and dissolve them leaving behind a refreshed glow. That’s a big all rounder with some major pluses and benefits!

Have you used or been using the Micellar water, have any thoughts, likes or dislikes about this product or could even recommend me another brand of Micellar water to try? Please feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts.

Below is a link to the L’Oreal Paris website

Picture Credits – Gabrielle Antonia; Lancome, Dior, Simple, Garnier

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