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This week I went to my first Temple Spa skin therapy class evening, it was led by Hayley Boyles who’s a fully trained Temple Spa lifestyle consultant. Hayley’s position within Temple Spa is to offer the ultimate spa to go “girls night in” experience in your home or choice of venue with 2-8 of your family or friends. You can only find Temple spa sold exclusively in Harrods, Selfridges and some major air lines so this really is a super special experience.

What is Temple Spa?
Temple spa say ‘Unfortunately, stress and its negative connotations are now an accepted condition of life. Our products aim to offer a remedy, with a message of ‘it’s okay to take timeout for you’. We all need time and space to nurture our health, to help regain energy, restore peace and calm, not only for our skin and body, but for the wellbeing of our souls. We encourage you to ‘create your own spa wherever you are’ – in the car, the office, the gym, at home and especially when you are travelling. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you take some time for you. Each product carries a ‘message on a bottle’, with product names giving a clue as to what that product will do for you. It’s a total lifestyle brand that seeks to beautifully fuse product, philosophy and spa. Our passion is professional-standard skin care and body care, aromatherapy and spa treatments that replenish, revive, renew and love to treat people very well’.

Do they test on animals –
Temple Spa do not test on animals or hire others to do so on their behalf. Their aim is to improve the self-esteem and wellbeing of everyone they come into contact with.

My experience –
I had no idea what to expect from my first Temple Spa evening all I new is I was super excited to be able to try lots of new high end products and have the opportunity to purchase the products at the end if I believed they really were suitable for me and my skin! It sometimes can be the case of buying a product, going home trying it out, it doesn’t agree with our skin then having wasted product your unable to return.

The room is filled with lots of exciting new products and candles are lit with the Temple Spa aromatherapy sent (these smell DEVINE)

With the skin therapy class Hayley does a full consultation and skin assessment with you deciding on what your skin type is; oily, combination, normal etc. She then talks you through thoroughly about where the products have come from the natural ingredients they contain and how each product works on your skin. They use Botanical actives derived mostly from Southern Europe. This class is great for those who are unsure on their skin type and have tried a lots of different types of cosmetics that never seem to work, Spa to go will help you find your exact skin type and what works best with your skin.

This is a spa to go therapy class so you apply all products your self, this is something I thought I wouldn’t enjoy as its not as relaxing as what you would call a normal “facial” or treatment, I was so surprised at how relaxed I actually felt even with five others in the room and taking in lots of information. It also gives you the chance for the people who didn’t no already of how to apply the products correctly.
What happens through out the spa to go class?
It really is the ultimate relaxing night in! After deciding on your skin type and taking in some new info on products you start your facial with a deep cleanse using either the Good to go normal skin cleanser or the Dual act combination skin cleaner. Hayley does advise you to use a different products on either side of your face (left and right) so you can see the difference with each side. I think this is such a good idea as it gives you the opportunity to experience all the products and see the difference on each side of your face, then being able to decide which is suited best for your skin. You then follow onto the toning using their toning essence to close the pores (toning essence can also be used to set your make up, one product two ways, amazing!) My favourite part of the spa to go experience is trying all the masks and scrubs. Hayley is fully prepped and even has the hot towels to create warmth and steam on the face whilst your masques are on, this is so relaxing! The reason behind the hot towel for those of you wondering, is it helps to open the pores sucking in the moisture and allowing the essential oils to soak in which helps maximize the facial results. You try around 4-5 different masks and scrubs depending on your skin type.

Some of my favourite products from the spa to go were –
Good to go – Normal skin a naturally normal foaming cleanser, with aloe, shea butter, carrot, cucumber & watercress
Toning essence – Alcohol free essential mist toner for all skin types, with citrus, rosemary, basil & ginger extracts that can also be used to set makeup
Purification – Deep cleansing mask, for oily skin, with Seberderm complex and plant and mineral extracts from land and sea. This is amazing for lifting black heads and spots.
Breakfast smoothie – Naturally Normal Exfoliator, with honey, jojoba, olive, papaya, oats & fruit juices
Repose – Aromatherapy resting cream, for all skin types, with jojoba, hops, multivitamins and a beautiful blend of relaxing essential oils
Skin truffle – Total facial rejuvenation treatment, for all skin types, with pure gold, black truffles & diamonds

For anyone wanting to book a Spa to go or any other treatments that Hayley from Temple Spa offers in the North Devon area head over to Haley Boyles Facebook page at
It’s not just the skin therapy class you can chose from there is also master class; red carpet studio, double detox class, summer breeze class and spa experience.
This is a product I will stick with and use on a regular basis as I really do believe its one of the best at home spa products around! I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you host a spa to go class. The information on products you receive is like no other, you gain a great understanding of your skin and how each product can benefit you. For the host depending on sales over the session, Temple Spa each month have different free gifts for the host. How amazing is that! Also don’t forget this is a product sold exclusively in Harrods, Selfridges and some air lines this is not something you can just pick up anywhere.

The Temple Spa website has so much information on their page it’s definitely one to visit when you have a spare ten minutes, there is a discounted beauty offers page for those wanting to get some great deals. They even have a healthy detox program which I’m going to try myself, I have left a link below for their full site.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my first Temple Spa experience if you have any questions or have been to a Temple Spa experience before please feel free to leave me a comment below with questions or to tell me about your experience.

Picture credits – Gabrielle Antonia, Temple Spa, http://www.groesinn.com/fourteen/

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    • 26th May 2016 / 9:46 am

      I would definitely say this is one to try, it’s the perfect night in and the products are amazing! xx

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