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I received a email from LUSH Exeter a couple of weeks ago inviting me to a summer bloggers event held in the Exeter store on 29th July 16 and of course I said YES!


The event was covering their new Naked – non packaged products, we began our evening by exploring the shop in our own time to take some photos and meet the lovely team (Lou, Adam and Elsa) they put on a lovely spread of sparkling waters, fruits and snacks for every one.


The LUSH Exeter store do put on event evenings for the public, for any one wanting to book or host (something I never knew they did! This would be a great evening for you LUSH lovers out there wanting a private taste of the shop or even for a hen, birthday or occasion party) Adam explained to us that they like to begin their evenings with a game, so gave us a little taster/ice breaker of what you might expect if you book a evening with them. It was also a great way to introduce us bloggers to each other and have a giggle, it was a egg and spoon race to introduce their first product of the evening – The Lava Lamp Bath Bomb.


A shot of me in giggles doing the egg and spoon race taken by the lovely Lucie Leanne from


Here it is.. How gorgeous does the NEW Lava Lamp Bath Bomb look – major heart eyes, the smell is divine of course – mandarin, tangerine and orange flower. You can place your hand in the water to create a pattern and the oils all infuse back together this is one you really have to see for your self!

We were super lucky to be able to create/make from scratch our own Comforter, this had to be my favourite part of the bloggers evening. I love the comforter as it’s one of my favourites, smelling of blackcurrant and bergamot fragrance. The way they create the Comforter at the LUSH factory is similar to a cake, mixing two colours white and pink then leaving them to rise. They then roll out both mixtures together into a roulade cutting them down into the comforter. But because we were creating our own individual comforters to take home and wanting to make the experience a little more personal we used two balls from each colour moulding them together with a twist to the create the traditional comforter look.



Underneath I have left my take on the LUSH Comforter we made, I cant wait to use this. It was so much harder than it looked.


We were also treated to a little pamper this was to show us the new Naked – non packaged products the lovely LUSH team set up three stations; Shower, massage and hair! I had a consultation and try at the shower section. I tried three products; 1.Sugar Scrub Body Scrub, 2.King of Skin and 3.Beautiful Shower Gel.


My favourite of the three was the Sugar Scrub I loved the smell it has Fennel and Ginger they say it’s said to be a diuretic, so may help water and toxins drain from the tissues. It’s a gentle scrub for everyday use and you only need a pinch! I actually brought this at the end take home (I couldn’t resist) £2.95

We ended on the hair section, I was super excited to hear about the hair care they offer as I’ve not tried anything from that range. Lou explained to everyone the hair cycle and the naked hair products they have to offer and how they work they cater to almost every hair type, I was so impressed with the naked solid shampoo bars and their beautiful natural cents.


13872618_10208234314670214_261713394_n (1)


They finished the evening with a lucky dip for us all, I picked African Paradise – Body Conditioner ( I haven’t used this before so of course I was so excited to try it) I also picked up a couple of the LUSH products – Sugar Scrub Body Scrub £2.95 and Think Pink Bath Bomb £2.75.

The LUSH Exeter team very kindly gave us a goodie bag generously filled with some LUSH goodies, In my bag; I received Karma Bubble BarPink Flamingo Bubble Bar and Godiva Shampoo Bar. So expect a post all about my LUSH goodie bag soon.



I want to take a minute to give a big thank you to the LUSH Exeter team who invited me to the summer beauty bloggers event and keeping us all up to date with all the LUSH products including the new Naked – non packaged products. It was also great to meet other local bloggers I had a fabulous evening.

I hope you enjoyed my LUSH Exeter bloggers event post please feel free to leave me any comments or questions below, or if you have been to a LUSH event I would love to no your thoughts.

Photo credits – Gabrielle Antonia

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  1. 1st August 2016 / 9:57 am

    Hi Larissa,
    If you follow their Facebook @lushexeter or other social media accounts they post up when and if they’re going to be holding bloggers events 🙂 It’s great to be able to get involved in local blogging events. It’s not something that comes along regularly, I hope this helps.
    Gabrielle Antonia x

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