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Around five and a half months ago I had my first lip filler (Emervel) treatment in a dentist in my local area in Devon. Having facial aesthetics hasn’t always been something I’ve been interested in but I would say the last year or two I have questioned it a couple of times but never gone through with it and being quite scared of needles is a massive put of for me. After receiving a gift voucher 6 months ago to use on any facial aesthetics treatment I chose to have the Emervel filer to enhance my lips.

So nearly 6 months on and I wanted a top up, the filler can last anything between 6-12 months depending on the person. I felt like mine had decreased in size but not completely back to what they were. After researching for different Dr’s and Dentists in my area that offer the Dermal Filler I found Dr John Buckmaster (Dr Buckmaster is a practising GP who worked with CosmeDoctor until last year when he went independent and created Dr John Buckmaster Asthetics.)

He also has a full GMC licence – (registered with the general medical council) He works in and around the North Devon area offering his treatments in salon, the salons he works from are – Charley’s Angels Hair Nails & Beauty, Colorseum – Bideford, Natural Touch – Holsworthy, Beautifully Balanced – Bournemouth Dorset, Little Orchard Consulting Rooms. You can find a list of his clinics and addresses on his website at

I have to admit after having my previous treatment done in a dental practice it did feel strange going to a beauty salon, I don’t no why it just did – maybe because you think it wont be as ‘clinical’ but I was so wrong. The treatment room was completely private and shut of from the rest of the salon (Charley’s Angels Hair Nails & Beauty) It was very clean, quiet and there were no interruptions from the noise of the salon. I sat for 20 minutes with numbing cream on, this is my favourite bit – when I first had them done I was so happy that they didn’t numb the lip area with a initial injection and instead used numbing cream that way there is no pain from start to end just a very small pinch though out the treatment.

In all I have had three treatments of the dermal filler over the past 6 months my first treatment followed by a very small top up to make sure everything was perfect then my third with Dr Buckmaster. Each treatment has been different for me afterwards with regards to bruising and swelling, I have only ever had a very very small amount of bruising and swelling but nothing that would be noticeable to any one else after all of my appointments I have been able to go right back to work or even out for dinner with the girls!

Here is a before (left) and after (right) of my third treatment with Dr John Buckmaster at Charley’s Angels salon in Barnstaple Devon. I wanted a natural look as before I started having lip filler my natural lips where very thin so keeping them natural but fuller is important to me, I think in my experience everyone’s opinion of lip filler is bad and that the look is always unnatural. But if you find and see the right professional you can get perfect results, it’s all about being conscious, increasing slowly each time to keep them looking subtle. I really do think certain people give fillers a bad name. You can find a picture of my before I had my first appointment for filler HERE


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my dermal filler experience with Dr Buskmaster if you have any questions please feel free to ask me or email Dr Buckmaster at if you want to look at the other treatments he offers you can view them a with extra info and prices on his website.














Above was just after my appointment with Dr Buckmaster.

Contact for Dr John Buckmaster
Email –
Phone – 07968 181652 or 01278 686274

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