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Late last year I was invited to work with Dermalogica and Preen Me as part of their #myfacemystory/#preenmevip campaign, they kindly sent me a amazing box of Dermalogica goodies try, I received; Daily Microfoliant, Dermal Clay Cleanser, Pre Cleanse and Active Moist.

As part of the campaign I had to go for a skin analysis (Face Map.) “Face Mapping, Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis provides insight into your skin’s past and present, and allows the subsequent prescription of a targeted home care regime for a healthy skin future.” I did this before they sent me any products as the service they offer is so personal to your skin type they wanted to make sure I received the perfect skin care best suited for me and my lifestyle. This is something that Dermalogica offer free of charge to all new and returning customers to determine exactly what their skin type is and what they should be using to get the best out of their skin.
If you have any troubles finding a Dermalogica store/stockist near you on the Dermalogica website they have a store locator so that you can search for a Dermalogica skin expert that’s local to your area – Here. You can then use this to contact some one local to you and book in for a Face Mapping Skin Analysis before you commit to buying any of the products. This way you know that you’ll leave with the knowledge and perfect skin care for you and your skin!

Dermalogica say – “Developed by Dermalogica, Face Mapping takes no more than five to ten minutes, is free, and eliminates the guesswork when selecting products for results on your skin”.

I’m lucky enough to have a Registered Dermalogica stockist/expert 5 minutes from where I live called Kimberleys Skin & Beauty Therapy Bideford any where that claims to sell/stock the Dermalogica products should all be registered you can double check this on their website – Here

Kimberly the salon owner and manager spent around 5-10 minutes analyzing my face advising different ways to cleanse and treat my skin to maintain it’s condition and help the aging process. Above is a photo of the prescription you are given at the end of your appointment which covers everything you have spoken about during your Face Mapping experience. You can then use this as a guideline on how and what to purchase from the Dermalogica range knowing exactly what will be best suited to your skin type.

What I thought of the Dermalogica products? I have always heard good things about Dermalogica but it’s been a product I hadn’t yet tried. I was so amazed at how fast my skin improved after using all of the products teamed together at different times of the day – Using in the morning in the shower and in the evening when removing my makeup. For example I have been double cleansing using the Pre cleanse and then the Dermal Clay Cleanser then every couple of days using the Daily Microfoliant, I would then use the Active moist every morning and evening. I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin I wouldn’t say its hugely noticeable for others when they look at me but It’s very very rare that I get any spots or blemishes and my skin just has a nice glow about it, it looks healthy. What more could I ask for!!

img_1584I loved being a part of their Campaign to increase awareness that every face does tell a story and behind closed doors we do not no what journey this person is taking. I’m lucky to have not struggled too much with my skin over the years, I’m combination so have had struggles with oily and spotty skin during my school years and not having the correct knowledge or skin care routine the mixture of lots of make-up to hide my bad skin and then not using the correct solutions to remove all of it did take it’s toll. Thank god that after leaving secondary school I started a skin routine meaning I was removing almost all of my make up how ever the last 10% was still being left on my skin (we all are guilty of this and don’t even realise it.) Now I have nearly reached my mid twenties I really have realised the importance of looking after our skin and because of this my skin is glowing even more than before – I owe a huge thanks to Dermalogica to opening my eyes to how important a good thorough skin care routine is to us all no matter what age we are.

* This post contains PR samples
This is a sponsored post and I have given my genuine and honest opinion.
I have been gifted all products from Dermalogica and Preen Me as part of the #myfacemystory campaign and #PreenMeVIP program

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post please do leave me any comments or questions below.

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