Mago Hair Uk – The New Hair Extension Application/Trend Coming To The Uk!*

This is a little introduction to the very big Mago Hair and its arrival to the Uk this spring/summer.
I’ve been meeting with family run business Mago Hair Uk and learning all about the new extension application/trend that they are brining to the Uk this summer that’s come from places like Beverly Hills and Italy.

Five reasons why I love the Mago Hair system –
It’s all natural hair so you can use heat and colour/toners on them.
They are a self tighten system!
It’s .7 gram strands so that’s perfect for fine and thicker hair.
Mago Hair Uk are the only people in the Uk that will be allowed to train people in the knotted extension system
They offer a 24-48 hours delivery for hair on their main colour rings!

They also offer alternative/creative colour, colour rings which take up to 30 days for delivery.

What is Mago Hair?
Mayo say – It’s a knot based hair extension system that uses a ready-made knot on the ring to connect the hair onto the customers’ hair. With just a simple pull on the string the extension can be attached! Plus, the removal is just a scissor cut away.
Only with a pair of scissors and a hair looper you can attach a full set of Mago Hair Extensions in up to three hours. The knot is a double climbing knot that is used to secure the life of the climbers, so without cutting the knot, it is impossible to fall out.
Just by cutting a section of the knot, Mago hair is removed in a second. with no residue, no pain to the scalp, and even benefits the professionals as they do not need to use chemicals for removal. You can remove a full set in a matter of minutes.

Their website is so helpful and filled with information and videos that will tell you all about Mago Hair! You can find the correct page for that – Here

Mago Hair Uk have so may exciting things going on over the next few month’s –
They have the opening of their training academies which will be opening this summer (so if you’re a hairdresser wanting to learn the new extension technique, they will have limited spaces so get in contact asap to hold your space) and a fabulous launch event that’s being held towards the end of April, 25th April in Hertfordshire!
They will be offering training from; London,Bristol, Liverpool and Scotland!

Wanting to book your spot for the training academy or would like more information from Mago Hair Uk them selfs, you can contact them via email –
Or want to register your interest to stay in touch with Mago Hair Uk and be the first to know about official launch dates and other important announcemets, follow the link to fill out the form –

Have questions about the hair that Mago Hair Uk use? It’s all meticulously selected Remy Indian hair only – They have a page dedicated to where their hair comes from, how it’s processed, how long it takes basically any questions you may have all the information is on their website via The Hair

I’m also lucky enough to have been invited to train with Mago Hair Uk and have the Mago Hair extension experience which I’m super excited for, so if you follow my blog or social media keep your eyes peeled for up and coming posts/videos and reviews!

Mago Hair Uk Website – Here
Mago Hair Uk Instagram – Here
Mago Hair Uk Facebook – Here

* This post contains PR samples
This is a sponsored post and I have given my genuine and honest opinion.


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