I’ve had a lot of comments on my hair recently with people asking how I keep it looking so healthy and thick, I spent 6 years growing my hair from a short graduated bob to the length it is now. With finishing school and beginning my training to become a hairdresser my hair had become over coloured and I had way to many chemical treatments, it was so damaged I had to have it cut short (as in a short graduated bob from below by bust kinda length). With gaining my qualification, learning all about the hair and having to have my hair cut short really made me appreciate my hair and how important it is for us to look after it!

I’ve recently been having my hair done with Jade Reynolds at Steven & Laurent Hair Dressers in Devon, for all you local gals and guys it’s one of the most beautiful salons Devon has to offer – It’s Alice & Wonderland themed decor and fabulous refreshments menu; with teas, coffee, wine and beer all served with little sweet favors and their seasonal cupcakes are amazing.

I’ve gone from having lived in colour (warm darker roots with lighter ends) to on my last hair appointment having a full head of bleached highlights. My hair is not the easiest of hair to colour as its thick and throws of a lot of warmth, so when me and Jade decided to take the plunge to go lighter to get rid of the darker root and to do this by using bleach I was a little worried.. I was SO happy with the result and how we’ve managed to maintain the condition as this was my main priority! Every time I have my hair coloured with Jade at Steven & Laurent we always use L’Oreal’s Smart Bond Treatment in my colour and at the back basin, I then follow this treatment through at home by using the Smartbond N03.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Smart Bond Before it works in a similar way to Olaplex. Smartbond is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during colour services at the salon, they add the Smartbond to your colour and then to the hair as a treatment at the back basin once your colours been removed. Your then advised to take home and use the Smartbond N03, you use this every three shampoos at home, it’s purpose is to continuously strengthen the hair fibers week after week.

So over the past few months I’ve created two new hair routines that I now CANNOT live without! You will need…

A good quality conditioner, I choose to use a treatment as my “everyday” conditioner due to my hair being so thick and dry, I can get away with using a smaller amount of the treatment and it gives my hair that added moisture and protein that it needs Some of my favourite’s are; Shu Uemera, Maria Nila, Kérastase.
Lots of coconut oil you can pick up a good quality coconut oil from your local health food shop or Holland and Barrett for less than £10 I’ve had mine for over 7 months and I’m not even half way through yet!

I only wash my hair three times a week, we do not need to wash our hair every day! By washing your hair every day your stripping away the natural oils your hair needs. Our hair then goes into over drive and tries to replace the oils resulting in your hair feeling greasy faster! A good trick is to use dry shampoo, I’m loving Batistes new 2-1 invisible dry shampoo & conditioner at the moment as well as refreshing the root it leaves your mid length’s and ends feeling silky soft!

I changed my routine so every time my hair is due to be washed the night before I’ll either wash and towel dry my hair and then apply a conditioning treatment or N03, I then tie my hair up and leave the treatment in overnight to rinse the next morning. OR I leave my hair dry and saturate my hair from roots to ends in coconut oil! Theres been a huge change in how my hair is looking, feeling and how much easier I’m finding it to dry and style. I only really try to style my hair 2-3 times a week, an important tip is to always direct the hair drier DOWN to smooth the cuticle instead of blowing up which will create frizz. So after it’s been washed and blow dried I’ll use my BaByliss PRO Styling Wand with a 5p size amount of hair oil to add some bouncy waves (a big blow dried look) into my hair this is my go to “signature look” if you’ve 100% dried and curled the hair correctly the curls will last until the next wash, I add some of the Batistes Dry Shampoo to help me in-between washes!

These are my tips and tricks on how I maintain my hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy after and in-between colour appointments. I hope they have helped.. What are your tips and tricks on how you maintain your hair? Let me no leave them in the comments below!

Photos – Gabrielle Antonia



  1. 5th June 2017 / 9:03 am

    I wish I could go there I love Alice in Wonderland! Your hair does look super healthy and you’re right washing your hair 7 days a week is a total no-no.

    • 5th June 2017 / 12:05 pm

      It’s so beautiful in there.. It’s definitely a big no no, have a lovely day!

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