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As some of you may know I’m a qualified Hair Stylist and run my own mobile business along side blogging. So when Mago Hair Uk got in touch about a potential collaboration I thought what a perfect collab and something different, new and exciting to feature on the blog!

Mago Hair Uk invited to one of their many academies around the Uk for one of their academy training days. They offer training for their revolutionary knotted hair extensions from six cities in the Uk, Exeter, Bristol, Central London, Manchester, Liverpool and the town of Hertford. At these venues they offer a day’s training including everything you need to know about Mago Uk, application, removal, after care, getting started and how to order the hair! The courses start at the introductory price of £360 with everything you need to get started.

Who are Mago Hair Uk –
Mago Hair Uk are a Uk based hair extension company offering their new and innovative training for the knotted hair extensions. Mago are worldwide, USA, Germany, Australia, Beverly Hills, Italy, Denmark.

Mago will be at the Hairdressers Journal Trade Show for their official launch in February 2018. You can find tickets to the show here Keep an eye of for their stand as they may be holding some special offers/competitions to win a place at one of their academy training days.

How can I book on to their academy course days –
There are two steps you need to take. After reading this post if you need to know more or want to book onto one of their amazing courses head over to their website – to read more @
or to book a course near you –

What hair do they use and where does it come from – 
Mago say “Strand by strand, all Mago products are delicately crafted, from the hair to the string. All made by hand from our technicians and experts who have been working with hair products for over 20 years with the spirit of craftsmanship.
We start from the finest Remy Indian Hairs, from the temples in India, which are meticulously selected and tested for the quality of the raw hair. It takes more than 30 days for one bundle of hair to be processed and finished as Mago Hair. Our research and development department continues to find better ways to preserve and process the hairs.
Our aim is to produce the best quality that keeps moving

Fair trade hair?
“The hair comes from the temples in India where they donate their hair to the gods as prayers. Since they do not have any other use for the hair after it’s cut, the temples then collect the hair and sell them to hair corporations for a fair price for use in the beauty market. This way we can get sustainable supply of rich Indian hair, that is also fairly traded, unlike other hair around the world.”

Important after care advice – 
When training with Mago you learn all of the correct after care advice to pass on to your clients. One of the best things about Mago is that because there are no chemicals, glues or plastics to hold the extension hair onto your own they really are fuss free in regards to after care HOWEVER – You’re highly advised as a client of Mago to follow the basic after care for extensions. For example – using a good quality sulphate free shampoo/conditioner (which we should all be using anyway). A good quality brush for me is very important, one of my favourites is the Denman soft bristle brush – I’ll leave a link for it here. All of these WILL help to maintain both your own hair and the extension hair in the long run.

The academy day courses, the morning –
The academy days are run by Mago’s Head Trainer and Commercial Director Maddie Pearce.
We began our day with an introduction to Mago Hair Uk, were they originate from and how the hair is sourced. We spoke about what they offer as a company, why their method of applying and sourcing the hair is like no other and what the day will involve.

You receive your kit at the beginning of the day; it includes your manual (the Mago bible.) This has all the information you’ll need to know in it, you’re even given some examples of consultation forms that of course you can photo copy and use. You receive your looper – this is your main tool, with out this your unable to apply the Mago hair! A pair of scissors so you’re able to remove the famous knot and a Mago mug. Now all jokes aside this mug is your holy grail, you use it by dropping the loaded looper into the mug whilst your working to safe the hair falling of the looper and causing you a lot of stress – So clever Mago! The last thing you’ll receive is your practice hair, this hair isn’t to the same quality as the hair you’ll be ordering from Mago. It’s just so that you can leave right away and begin practicing.

The afternoon – 
After spending the morning with Mago you have really got a feel for what there about and how they work, why the think the revolutionary knot is the best technique for applying extensions and you would have hopefully cracked the beginners knot. The afternoon involves lots of practical work, really cracking the knot method and learning how to fit the extensions in their advanced method. It’s a very detailed day nothing is missed out or rushed, Maddie makes sure all questions are answered and you don’t leave until you have been reviewed and feeling 100% confidant with the advanced method of applying the hair.

From a hair stylist perception I was extremely impressed! Prior to the course I wasn’t sure what to expect with the fitting and quality of the hair as there was nothing to compare it to but after working with the hair and having it fitting into my own hair I really do believe there is nothing like Mago out there! The comfort of the extensions is amazing they have a full 360 movability giving you a lot more comfort than your standard bonded hair extensions do and because the Mago Knot is so small you really forget that you even have anything there. After showing people how small the knot really is the main reaction I’ve had is from previous extension wearers that a surprised at how small and how well the knot blends into the natural hair!

I wanted to thank the Mago Hair Uk team for inviting me to their Bristol academy it was an amazing day and I feel privileged to be able to learn a new and revolutionary skill – I’m now qualified to work with and fit the Mago Knotted Hair Extensions and will be working around the South West mobile offering this service and in the near future from Steven And Laurent Hairdressers in Bideford Devon.

You can find Mago Hair Uk @ –
Facebook – magohairuk
Instagram – @magohairuk
Twitter – magohairuk

Photo credits – Gabrielle Antonia, Mago Hair Uk.


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