Wow, I’ve just realised that this is my first post of 2019. It’s been a long while since I posted last so I’m going to keep this post nice and short and straight to the point!
So a few weeks ago I decided to book a spontaneous Dermaplanning treatment with Charley from Charley Klein permanent make-up and when I say spontaneous I do not mean I just picked a random person, random salon and random treatment! I ALWAYS re-search treatments and salons before I make any appointments. I started seeing that the celebs and influencers where having Dermaplanning last year and after reading up and deciding it was something I was definitely interested in. There aren’t many salons locally to me that offer the DP facial but I chose to go to CK permanent make-up as I’ve had many treatments with her in the past and trust her totally.


I also a sneaky HD brow top up as well before my Derma Planning facial as I get them topped up every now and again and they were DEFINITELY over due (there’s nothing like a HD brow!) I turned up for my Derma Planning with a clean face no make-up on and just my face cream from that morning. The DP begins with a cleanse and tone all of the products that Charley usues are organic and smell amazing. Once your face has been prepped its straight on to the Derma Planning facial, it’s a small medical-grade scalpel that is used to scrape away all of the peach fuzz (vellus hair, the small light hairs that cover your face mainly around the cheek area) and dead skin cells that sit on the surface of our skin. It’s a super affective way to exfoliate the face!
The Derma Planning its self can take from 15 minutes to up to 30 depending on the contour of your face. Once the DP treatment has finished you finish the facial with a gold collagen face sheet mask, which you get to take home and re use for 1-2 extra applications.


01 What are the benefits of Dermaplanning
It’s a amazing exfoliator and leaves you with no peach fuzz (so smoother makeup), it promotes the growth of new skin cells, leaves your skin brighter. It minimized your pores, helps to hide wrinkles and will help with breakouts.
02 Can anyone have Dermaplanning
Any one can have a Dermaplaninng facial it’s suited for all skin types, the only limitation is if you have enflamed acne you would need to wait until the skin clears up.
02 Will my face appear red and soar
The amazing thing about DP is that you could have it done in your lunch break or the friday before the weekend or a night out and no body would know. It doesn’t leave your skin soar, red or enflamed but you can expect massive amounts of super plump and glowing skin!
03 Will it make my hair grow back worse
The answer plane and simple is NO!
So having Dermaplanning will not change how your hair grows back BUT the hair may feel slightly different when it re-grows this is because the hair is cut straight across creating a blunt end. But it won’t re grow thicker or faster its still your same old hair!

Would I have Derma Planning again? Short and simple, YES!
For me I noticed such a difference in my skin and how the application of my make-up is, I loved it so much it’s definite yes for me. I’m going to try and have one every few months as think that would be best for my skin, as I usually have good skin and don’t suffer with breakouts etc.

Disclaimer – I payed for this treatment and no discount was given all opinions are my own and honest. I wouldn’t recommend a treatment if I didn’t love it myself and wouldn’t rebook! I’ll leave a link to Charley’s website below for anyone that’s local to my area and want’s to check her out, but I do highly recommend her she is the only person I trust with my brows and any treatments I have with her. Thank you so much for reading please leave me your thoughts or any questions below. G
Photo credits – Gabrielle Antonia


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