My Zoom Whitening treatment;

I was a mixture of excited and slightly nervous for my whitening appointment as I wasn’t quite sure really what to expect, how my results would be, or what the appointment entailed. I’ll do a little run through of what a Zoom Whitening appointment involves so for anyone interested or nervous to book can get a good idea of what goes on. I had a dental check up prior to the appointment to make sure my teeth where healthy and clean. This is a requirement to be able to go ahead with the treatment.

We started by discussing what we’d like to achieve, signing consent forms and taking before photos. Rehanna is amazing at explaining whats going to happen, showing you the levels of lift on the chart and making sure you feel 100% comfortable before you start! We then got impression of my teeth so that trays could be made for me to take home that day for the at home whitening. (Included in Zoom Whitening you will be given trays custom made for you, for your at home whitening kit) you won’t need to be using your at home kit right away if you don’t want too as it’s just something you’ll have ready to maintain your new teeth for the future. I thought that was a really nice bonus as it means if you really maintain your teeth with using your at home kit, brushing, flossing and a good diet you can really prolong the effects of the whitening for as long as possible.

So after that you get down to the nitty gritty, Rehanna iscolates the gums and cheeks and adds Vitamin E to your lips to stop them drying out before she begins with the whitening. You’ll have 4 cycles totaling to one hour, 15 minutes each cycle with the hydrogen peroxide and light added each time. For us clients sitting in the chair is just as simple as that, sit back relax put on some music or a good pod cast and let the amazing iFAB team do their thing!

After the four cycles have finished and everything is removed (you’ll see below I had some stunning equipment on) you can then see your NEW smile! This is the best most satisfying bit as I can’t lie I found it hard not to wonder what they where going to look like the whole hour. Ha! Rehanna makes sure that before you leave, all of your after photos are taken and you try on your trays for the at home kit and have every thing explained to you on how to use the kit and also how to maintain your new white teeth, as we definietly don’t want a relapse after all that hard work.

I’ve inserted a before and after photo of my results, I was SO happy with my results, as I say later on in this post I’m lucky enough to already have reasonably white teeth however I can really feel a difference in my smile. I do feel the before and afters don’t quite show of how great they look it’s always hard in photos. I did also have a couple of darker teeth and it’s completely eliminated those and evened up my smile which I was extremely happy about as I wasn’t sure how well they’d look with being that much darker. So if you have darker or stained teeth you’ll love the result as it is that little bit more noticeable. I’m also going to go and have some teeth contouring, this will just smooth out any bumps I have and smooth out my smile that little bit more which I’m really excited for. That is a safe treatment and something else iFAB can offer to just correct any imperfections which your smile.

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening safe?
Zoom Teeth whitening is a safe treatment offered by a professionals in practice only. They use safe levels of hydrogen peroxide that works together with the Zoom light to penetrate your teeth.

Does it damage your teeth?
It doesn’t cause any damage to your teeth however it can cause temporary sensitivity during the appointment and for up to 48 hours after.

How long does it last?
It is dependant purely dependent on if you follow the correct aftercare. Of course if you don’t follow it correctly and eat and drink colored foods they aren’t going to stay nice and white. You can continue to maintain the colour/treatment with your at home kit.

Is Zoom Whitening painful?
It is not a painful treatment there nothing you should experience that should be “painful” but don’t forget you can experience some sensitivity which is completely normal.

How much does it cost?
Zoom in practice whitening and at home kit Included costs £550 (thats instant results and no damage to your teeth) amazing right!

What food and drink can you have after Zoom Whitening?
“anything that will stain a white shirt will stain your teeth.”

How many shades lighter can I achieve?
The shade is completely dependant from person to person. For me luckily I already had quite white teeth however, I still managed to lift over FIVE shades (which I was extremely happy about). It’s also lifted up and blended in a couple of darker canine teeth I had.

Will my teeth be sensitive after my treatment?
You may (again dependent on your teeth) experience a small amount of sensitivity during your Zoom Whitening treatment however speaking for my self I had absolutely zero sensitivity during or after my appointment. It is totally depending on you as a person.

Do I have to have a check up prior to Zoom Teeth Whitening?
YES. You will need to have a check up and clean prior to your Zoom appointment.

I just wanted to add ALL opinions are my own and I do HIGHLY recommend the amazing iFAB, Dr Rehanna Beckhurst and her team. You receive the best care and professional service and feel completely relaxed in the chair! I’m also going to be doing a follow up post with how I’ve got on and how I use my at home whitening kit.

My self and iFAB are also working together to bring you a amazing completion/giveaway. There will be more details about this coming in the next couple of days, I would go and follow iFAB over on their Instagram (linked below) to make sure you don’t miss the completion details (It’s definitely not one to be missed)

iFAB Clinic are available at The Quay Dental Practice in Bideford Devon and may have a exciting clinic coming to Barnstaple very soon!

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