So with all this spare time on my hands with the C19 lockdown I thought I’d share some snippets of the shoots I did back in march and some information about some of the exciting brand’s I’ve worked with. On this shoot I worked with an amazing brand called Origin Africa and the ethos behind the brand is something special! Here’s a little info on the brand in their own words;

ORIGIN is a not-for-profit organisation, raising funds for humanitarian development projects through the sale of ethical fashion. In the creation of all our products we are committed to using high quality, carefully sourced, planet-friendly materials and most importantly we focus on the sustainability of both products and projects. We take this very seriously. 100% of our profits fund community driven, needs based projects. These projects are to invest in and establish social businesses with a targeted social purpose – child health through sanitation, female empowerment through skills training and education, supply of affordable non-communicable disease medications and education around this under-diagnosed ticking time bomb of Sub-Saharan Africa.

This month Origin Africa are also giving 100% of their revenue to support the fight against Covid in Africa (how incredible.) It’s going to be very difficult to over come the virus in these developing countries with out sanitation and health care facilities, which is why they’ve decide to do everything they can to help!

Origins tees are supplied by Stanley & Stella, an exceptional leader in organic cotton goods. They have multiple certifications including GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fairwear Foundation. When printing their tees they also ensure that they use organic dyes so they have complete confidence that the entire garment is planet friendly. Their base sweatshirts are created by Earth Positive. This incredible organisation has a carbon neutral manufacturing process as well as GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fairwear Foundation certification.

Origin say “We are proud of our suppliers and confident in the standards of the garments we create. Though we are a small organisation we are working on gaining accreditation for the artisanal fabrics our artisans create as well so they can be celebrated for their planet friendly hand looming approach to textile creation.”

It was so amazing to be apart of such an great brand and team of people during this shoot. They’re doing such amazing things and now more then ever they need all the support we can give them. So be sure to go and follow Origin Africa on Instagram to be able to be apart of and follow their journey. I’ve left some links below to social channels and websites so you can go and share some love! I hope everyone is well, staying safe and is able to take some time whilst we can to re coup and rest, enjoy the rest of your week.

Photographer – Twisty Focus Photo
Website – www.twistyfocus.co.uk
Instagram – @Twistyfocusphoto and @Twistyfocusweddings

Origin Africa
Website – www.originafrica.co.uk
Instagram – Origin_africa


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