“Plant lovers” air purifying house plants

We all know that growing plants inside your home can bring beauty, energy, and life into any living space. I’ve been researching the benefits of having house plants in your home due to our poor air quality from odours, moulds, and chemicals that can effect your breathing which can have a variety of bad effects on your health. I have found four plants that have…

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Hands on flotation and treatment centre – review

My Tuesday morning consisted of treating myself to my first flotation session at the Hands on flotation and treatment centre. I feel like I’ve found a little hideaway that i don’t want anyone to know about (but it’s too good to not tell) there is only a small amount of flotation centres in the Uk, the centre is tucked away in a little village called…

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Golden bear belts “be golden” *

A bespoke leather belt that’s a keeper for life! I LOVE my golden bear belt. Its all locally sourced and created in a studio in devon. The studio is a space of pure insperation, full of leather belts, tools (lots of tools) of cuts of leather, bright colours and fasinating pieces of art, theres always something amazing to look at! Ive had my belt for…

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